Some of the things on my mind lately:

Fragments of poetry, connections between finite and infinitary combinatorics, how painful it is to watch our political system destroy us and my broken right big toe.

Individual authors whose poetry I am reading this semester:

  1. Larry Levis
      “The Dollmakers’s Ghost”
      “The Afterlife”
  2. Robert Hass “Human Wishes”
  3. Mark Strand “Dark Harbor”
  4. B.H. Fairchild “The Art of the Lathe”

  5. Carl Dennis
      “Practical Gods”
      “Signs and Wonders”
      “The Outskirts of Troy”
      “Ranking the Wishes”
      “Unknown Friends”
      “Climbing Down”

I believe that if you really think deeply about things, some of your thinking inevitability will be about the process of thinking itself. This is both natural and wanted, as thoughts about how we think or ‘meta-thinking’ will likely improve our overall thinking skills and yield deeper results.

Here are some math topics that I wish to explore this year on the blog:

  • What are all the types of “clever counting” a la combinatorics? I will look at things like Polya’s enumeration theorem.
  • Graph Theory, Number Theory, and Combinatorial Theory, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, and Analysis

Very specific poetry, poets and their poems that I will explore include:

  • Michael Sofranko
  • Kevin Prufer
  • Tony Hoagland

and a long evolving list of additional poets.

And here are a few topics from molecular biology that will be touched upon:

  • Rapamycin, esp. (TOR) aspects>
  • Telomeres, Telomerase and cell physiology
  • topics in mathematical biology and bioinformatics

As well as many general and specific topics in education and techniques for improving one’s thinking while in the pursuit of understanding new concepts and ideas.

Kurt Lovelace
Monday 16 January 2012

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